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Occupancy in Tomamu Alpha Resort of Taylor and Elizabeth
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Tomamu Resort Village Alpha
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How to get TOMAMU Resort Alpha Condominium


TOMAMU Resort Alpha Condominium insite the Hoshino TOMAMU Resort; Management by Hoshino TOMAMU.

please refer to the

Japan Rental-car Navigation  Mapcode: 608511499*56

42°59'54.1"N 141°19'07.9"E

42.998374, 141.318863


Closest full-range resort from New Chitose Airport.

Your resort vacation begins the minute you enter our area.


Easy access to the resort from 3 Airports! Located at the center of Hokkaido, Tomamu is the perfect location for your winter base.


* Please confirm JR Hokkaido’s website if you want to know the timetable between Kushiro/Obihiro and Tomamu.


* Take the ‘Rapid Airport’ bound for Sapporo or Otaru at New Chitose Airport to Minami Chitose and change there to ‘Temporary Limited Express Train’ bound for Tomamu station.


* The ‘Rapid airport’ runs four times in an hour and it takes approximately 3 minutes from New Chitose Airport station to Minami chitose station.


* The shuttle bus between Tomamu station and Resorts will be waiting in front of Tomamu station when you arrive there.


* Once you arrive to JR Tomamu Station, you will find our Resort Bus at the exit. There will be no charge or reservation needed for this bus.


By Car

Japan Rental-car Navigation Mapcode: 608511499*56

Only 5 minutes from Highway Exit

From Sapporo City

100 mins. from ""Sapporo Minami Interchange"" to Tomamu on the Doto Expressway.

Exit the expressway at ""Tomamu Exit"" and 5 minutes drive to Tomamu Resort.

From New Chitose Airport

90 minute drive from ""Chitose Higashi Interchange"" to Tomamu on the Doto Expressway.

Exit the expressway at ""Tomamu Exit"" and 5 minutes drive to Tomamu Resort.

From Furano Area

60 minute drive from central Furano via route 38.

非常感謝您的預約,我們的公寓前台的服務時間是到每天的21:30結束。如果您的到達時間預計會超過21點半的話,請務必提前通知我們,我們屆時會提前把您的房間鑰匙放到Tower Hotel的前台。(Tower和我們的度假公寓Village Alpha之間有室內玻璃景觀長廊相連結,和行李手推車使用。也有免費度假村內的循環巴士,運行間隔時間是5至15分鐘) 我們的度假公寓也是由星野TOMAMU(Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU)提供統一管理的(只是不提供房間內服務),客人也可以一樣付費使用TOMAMU渡假村內的一切設施。所以和入住其他酒店(Tower; Risonare etc.)的客人同樣,也需要您配合以下事項,這樣也能方便您順暢辦理入住手續節省你的寶貴時間,麻煩您提前把您的以下資訊發送在您入住的三天前發給我們為盼: 1:所有入住人的真實姓名(和護照上的一致) 2:所有入住人的年齡層 3:所有入住人的性別 4:一個地址 5:一個電話號碼 6:到達公寓時,計畫使用的交通工具(<a>電車JR<b>公共巴士BUS<c>租車自駕Rental Car<d>其他Other) 7:大致的到達時間 非常感謝你的理解和合作,祝你度假愉快。有任何不明問題,我們非常高興幫助你。 ※客人提供的資訊僅用於Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU管理公司的入住手續上


このたび、リゾートマンション「アルファリゾート トマム」をご予約頂き、誠にありがとうございます。

こちらの施設は、星野リゾートトマムが管理しているため、他施設(タワーホテルなど)と同様にアルファリゾート トマムの専用フロントで一旦チェックイン手続きを行い、ルームキーの引き渡しをさせていただくこととなります。



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